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Good dental health is important at any time, but especially when we find ourselves in such an unprecedented situation as we’ve seen over the past few months due to the worldwide pandemic.

We have strict COVID-19 protocols in place to keep our patients and staff safe and encourage everyone to see us for regular dental checkups. When you maintain good oral health, it helps to protect your overall health.

While regular checkups here at Bel Canto Dental remain your best line of defence, we also have an excellent range of carefully chosen, take-home products for our patients. These are products designed to help you maintain good oral health more easily and naturally, protecting your dental health and your overall health.

TRI-OLOGY Restoring Mouth Rinse

TRI-OLOGY Restoring Mouth Rinse

Typically, we recommend this product to patients with dry mouth, gum disease, oral infections, or for use following oral surgery. TRI-OLOGY is made from whole plants and essential oils which help to nourish infected or damaged tissues.

An independent lab test has produced promising test results showing TRI-OLOGY can deactivate the COVID-19 virus. We encourage our patients to use the restoring rinse before and after dental examinations and treatments as a preventive measure. Using this organic product daily will help keep your mouth healthy.

MI Paste

MI Paste

MI Paste is a fluoride-free tooth crème containing a milk-derived protein that releases calcium and phosphate ions, keeping tooth enamel healthy and strong. The tooth crème helps reverse acid erosion, where acids found in foods or produced by harmful bacteria will soften tooth enamel and remove minerals.

MI Paste promotes remineralization, enabling calcium and phosphate ions to be incorporated into your tooth enamel where needed. Using the tooth crème helps to relieve tooth sensitivity and will not irritate dry mouth.

GC-Dry Mouth Gel

GC-Dry Mouth Gel

Your saliva is an essential fluid for maintaining a healthy mouth, and most of us take it for granted until we are unable to produce enough naturally. It is a condition called xerostomia or dry mouth. People can develop dry mouth as a side effect of medications or disease or treatments that may damage the salivary glands.

Without enough saliva, your mouth soon feels dry and uncomfortable, making it difficult to chew food properly and even to speak clearly. The risk of oral disease like, gum disease, tooth decay and oral infections increases as normally saliva helps wash away harmful substances and excess food particles. This dry mouth gel relieves dry mouth discomfort, coating teeth and oral tissues with a protective layer.

Pandemic Stress and Oral Health

The stress and uncertainty created by a pandemic can manifest in different ways, including bruxism or teeth grinding and clenching. Bruxism is sometimes linked to stress and is usually a nocturnal habit, but you might have noticed you clench or grind during the day, and many of us will do this when we feel angry.

Tell-tale signs of bruxism include waking up with an aching jaw, and teeth can begin to feel more sensitive as they become worn and chipped when you clench and grind. Bruxism is often very noisy and can awaken sleeping partners. Taking steps to relieve stress is one way to treat bruxism, but we realize the current circumstances can make that a little tricky.

If you are concerned about clenching and grinding your teeth, we can help you here at Bel Canto Dental. Dr. Mackie can gently examine your teeth and jaws, determine if you have bruxism, and provide any treatment necessary to restore damaged teeth. We can also make a custom night splint, a small comfortable device that fits over your teeth and prevents clenching and grinding during sleep. Contact us anytime to arrange an appointment.

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