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We Build Beautiful Smiles
All Day, Every Day

Because a Great Smile is Worth Singing About

For 20 remarkable years, Bel Canto Dental has been passionate about providing high quality, holistic dental health to residents of West Vancouver, North Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Dr. Mackie has designed this remarkable clinic around an “operatic” theme. The name “Bel Canto” is Italian for “beautiful singing.” The West Vancouver dental clinic is very artsy, colorful and unique, with a wonderful support team of staff.

With a 30-year background as a dentist, Dr Mackie has a passion for opera and music he visits the opera houses around the world as he travels enjoying operas around the globe. His goal is to have patients visit the office for their North Shore dental treatments and not feel like they are going to the dentist. Most people fear the dentist and he has taken that out of the equation. People love to come visit us!

We don’t smell like a typical dental office either. We have aromatherapy going all day long so that you aren’t exposed to the usual chemical smells people often associate with dental clinics.

We are more holistic in our approach. For example, we don’t give flouride treatments. We want patients to be as healthy as possible in every aspect of their care.

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Wonderful Staff

“The staff at Bel Canto Dental is wonderful, and the quality of work is top-notch. Everyone here is exceptionally friendly, very informative and helpful, and has your comfort as their top priority. I have been here multiple times for a variety of services, and I have recommended them to family and friends.” —F.S

Hi Tech Office

“I am such a chicken when it comes to needles! Dr. Mackie is so gentle I never feel anything. I love how there are no TV’s on the ceiling and Dr. Mackie engages and talks you thru the whole appointment. It’s a super high-tech office, with digital x-rays, cameras that take pictures of your teeth and last time I got the laser too!” — A.B.

Great for Families

“Every time I come to the office I hear children laughing and having a great time, it warms my heart that they are enjoying their dental visits at such an early age, I have not seen one nervous child at this location this is where I recommend families to come” —J.T.

Full Range of Services

Bel Canto Dental offers a wide range of high quality, holistic dental services for residents of West Vancouver, North Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and throughout the North Shore. Learn more about your options!

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What Patients Are Saying

I love this dental practice. The staff are fantastic, friendly, and professional.

J. B.

Excellent service and very knowledgeable staff. They were very accommodating to my every need and I could not recommend this place enough. My first dental visit in years and it was excellent.

M. T.

The staff is always very warm and happy, it helps to make certain appointments that may not be very comfortable go by with a lot more ease.

M. C.

I love going to this dentist office because the service is always great, the staff are awesome and the appointment hours fit my busy schedule.

S. K.

Great friendly and thorough service all around.

J. J.

I'm normally really anxious about visiting the dentist but Dr. Mackie made it a really great comfortable experience. He was really gentle and reassuring and made it not the terrifying experiences I’ve had.

B. T.

I am so glad that I found an amazing dentist. Dr. Mackie explained everything so well. I love his personality as he was down to earth and answered all my questions.

K. B.

The staff at Dr. Mackie’s office are wonderful, and the quality of work is top-notch. Everyone here is exceptionally friendly, very informative and helpful, and has your comfort as their top priority.

F. S.

Came in at opening with severe tooth pain, scheduled me for an appointment almost right away. Staff were very welcoming of new patients.

O. V.

I cannot thank you enough for the many “beyond the call of duty” gestures that your office did for me to help me through my dental restructuring. I will be always very grateful to you all.

S. H.

Dr. Mackie is a very professional, personable, knowledgeable and skillful dentist. My smile has always been a part of my “signature” thanks to his work, ethics and desire to achieve only the best results. It will remain a major part of what is “me”! Many thanks to everyone for very high quality services coupled with courteous friendly attention.

B. H.

In the entertainment business your smile is your calling card. Thanks Dr. Mackie for your attention to detail and your great work.

P. M.

My new smile is fantastic and has really improved my self-confidence!

G. O.

I want to thank Dr. Mackie for being the most gentle dentist, being incredibly patient, and doing fabulous and wonderful work.

D. R.