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A beautiful smile can be a valuable asset, but very few people have perfect teeth that are correctly aligned.

In the past, straightening your teeth meant wearing a mouthful of metal braces that were highly visible and tricky to keep clean. Luckily, a more modern orthodontic solution can help straighten your teeth nearly invisibly using clear aligners. Here at Bel Canto, we use a high-quality system called Clearline that is made in Canada and is very affordable.

When to Consider Clearline Aligners?

It’s worth considering adult orthodontics if you have problems with teeth that are overcrowded or rotated out of position or have unsightly gaps between teeth. Clearline can also correct problems with your bite, including open bites, crossbites and overbites. Most people want to straighten their teeth for cosmetic reasons, but if your teeth are significantly out of alignment, you might find it easier to brush and floss them thoroughly after adult orthodontics.

The best way to find out for sure is to schedule a consultation with our dentist Dr. Mackie. He can discuss treatment in greater detail and examine your teeth and gums to ensure you are suitable for adult orthodontics. While this system can help many people, it isn’t right for everyone. For example, if you have more complex bite problems, you may need fixed braces or another solution. You also need strong and healthy teeth for them to move successfully.

What to Expect When You Have Clearline Aligners?

If you are suitable and decide to go ahead with treatment, the process is very straightforward. First, Dr. Mackie will need to take dental impressions and x-rays, as well as photographs of your teeth, to plan your treatment. Next, the information is sent to the dental laboratory, where your aligner trays are handcrafted. Each clear plastic aligner tray will fit tightly yet comfortably over your teeth, applying light pressure that slowly moves your teeth into the correct positions. Sometimes small tooth-coloured attachments are cemented onto teeth, helping to guide tooth movements more accurately.

You receive a series of numbered aligner trays, and you simply need to wear the correctly numbered trays for at least 22 hours each day. After two weeks or so, you discard the trays for the next set. While you can leave the trays out for the occasional social event, it is best not to do this too frequently as it could affect the treatment outcome or delay the process. The aligners are smooth and comfortable to use, and once in the mouth, they are virtually invisible and have minimal effect on speech. In addition, because you remove your aligners for eating and drinking, there is no need to change your diet, and you can brush and floss your teeth normally.

It can take as little as six months to complete treatment, where the issues needing correction are cosmetically oriented and only really affect the front teeth. However, if you have more complex bite problems, treatment might take up to eighteen months.

It’s worth considering adult orthodontics if you have problems with teeth that are overcrowded or rotated out of position or have unsightly gaps between teeth.

Ensuring You Retain Your Newly Straightened Smile

Once you complete your aligner treatment, you will need to wear retainers. These appliances ensure your teeth will not drift back to their original positions. There are several types of retainers available. Some consist of a thin wire cemented onto the inner surfaces of teeth and which work continuously to retain your teeth. Others are removable and look much like clear aligner trays.

Dr. Mackie can discuss which type is most suitable for your needs and how long you will need to wear them. Wearing your retainers as directed is an essential part of treatment and protects your investment in your smile. Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation discussion about alignment of your smile.

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