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In between your regular visits to Bel Canto Dental, we encourage you to follow an excellent oral hygiene routine. It isn’t hard to look after your teeth and gums, and it won’t even take you very long each day, but one thing that can help tremendously is ensuring you have the very best tools, starting with a great toothbrush.

Using high-quality equipment will make the most of your oral hygiene routine and is an excellent investment in your smile. There are a variety of toothbrushes and similar dental tools available. So many, in fact, that it can be a bit overwhelming to walk down the dental hygiene aisle of a drug store! Here is some additional information to help you make the best choice for your needs and lifestyle.

Choosing a Good Toothbrush

While an ordinary manual toothbrush can adequately clean your teeth, it does rely on excellent technique, and you will almost certainly need a timer to ensure you brush for a full two minutes. Since your toothbrush is such an essential piece of equipment, and you use it at least twice a day, it can be worth spending a little more on an electric toothbrush. It will help you do a better job, and the higher quality models have a built-in timer and other features. One of the best types of electric toothbrushes is the sonic toothbrush, for example, Philips Sonicare.

Why Choose a Sonic Toothbrush?

Ordinary electric toothbrushes use a mechanical scrubbing action to clean teeth, but sonic toothbrushes use this standard scrubbing action alongside a higher vibrational or “sonic” speed that helps to create a secondary cleansing action. The intense vibrational speed helps to agitate the fluid surrounding the teeth including water and saliva, which in turn helps to disrupt dental plaque, even beyond where the toothbrush bristles can reach. The sonic action helps to create tiny bubbles that are propelled forcefully against the tooth surfaces and which can be strong enough to dislodge microorganisms from the surface of teeth.

Although the action of a sonic toothbrush may extend beyond the toothbrush bristles, this isn’t an excuse to skip flossing. However, if you find conventional dental floss tricky to use then why not invest in a Water Pik?

Flossing with a Water Pik

Water Piks are electric water flossers designed to squirt pressurized water in between your teeth. The pressure is sufficient to remove plaque and food debris efficiently. Additionally, the oxygen in water helps to kill anaerobic or oxygen-hating bacteria, and it is quick and easy to use. A Water Pik is an excellent tool for anyone, and you can buy travel versions, so you can floss wherever you are. Once you have become accustomed to using a Water Pik, you won’t want to stop!

Controlling Plaque and Maintaining a Healthy Oral Microbiome

Your mouth contains hundreds of species of bacteria, and some, such as those found in dental plaque can be harmful to your dental and general health. Meticulous brushing and flossing will do a great job in reducing plaque levels. However, not all bacteria are harmful, and it’s essential to promote a healthy oral microbiome and where the bacteria in your mouth are balanced. Your oral microbiome is unique and is connected to the gut microbiome, and it helps to protect you against viruses and bacteria in the environment. Additionally, your oral microbiome helps to begin the process of digestion.

Often people will use harsh oral products in an attempt almost to sterilize the mouth, killing off good and bad bacteria. Commercial mouth rinses can contain harmful chemicals as well as colours and artificial sweeteners. Instead, it’s better to use oral products that help to nourish your oral microbiome. Plant-based products can naturally reduce harmful bacteria while protecting good microbes, promoting a healthy and clean environment in your mouth, and they can do a great job in freshening your breath.

Utilizing advanced technology such as sonic toothbrushes and water flossers and combining their use with natural, plant-based products can provide you with a highly effective oral hygiene routine. Please remember, if you would like any advice about which products are suitable for your dental health then don’t hesitate to ask our friendly dental team.

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