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You might have noticed that our dental office has an unusual name! We are frequently asked what Bel Canto means and how our practice was named.

When translated, Bel Canto means ‘beautiful singing’ and it is a name that immediately begins to make sense to anyone who has ever stepped through our doors.

The name reflects Dr. Mackie’s, our principal dentist and practice owner’s enduring love of operatic singing. Since he was very young, Dr. Mackie was encouraged by his parents to listen to opera and classical music. One thing that intrigued him was how a singing voice could be so successfully projected without the use of a microphone, and the beauty of opera beguiled him. Dr. Mackie has studied the classical voice, and he sings as well, which has given him a deep appreciation of opera.

Bel Canto Dental offers a unique environment Bel Canto is Dr. Mackie’s favourite style of operatic singing, and it originated during the late sixteenth century. It was subsequently developed in Italian opera during the seventeenth, eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. During the early part of the nineteenth century, Italian opera was dominated by well-known names including Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini. The technique of opera singing during the Bel Canto era valued legato or smooth production, and the sound was lighter yet more penetrating in the upper register. The orchestra supporting the singers were kept to a minimum, most often using strings and woodwind because the composers didn’t want to detract from the exquisite voices. The music written during this time was melodic and lyrical, and extremely elegant, and was designed to show great vocal agility. The style of singing popular in Bel Canto opera frequently demands very fast vocal moment in the higher registers and excellent breath control. It is a sophisticated style which is incorporated into the design of Bel Canto Dental.

Enjoy a Dental Practice with a Unique Operatic Style

Our logo is red and gold, reflecting the dramatic colours found in opera. The B for Bel Canto is intertwined with a treble clef to further connect the image to the idea of opera.

From the minute you walk through the doors of Bel Canto you’ll realize it’s a very different dental practice. While our practice utilizes the most advanced technologies, our clinic has a unique “operatic” style.

Instead of white, bland walls, you enter a world filled with art and colour, reflecting the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our highly distinctive style includes a beautifully engraved glass wall with mood lighting that changes throughout the day. We invite you to browse the beautifully framed opera posters on the walls and relax in a calm, classically styled environment. It is an artistic approach that is mirrored by Dr. Mackie’s deep commitment to creating naturally beautiful and healthy smiles. If you pause to think for a moment, you’ll quickly realize that great dentistry has a lot in common with art.

If you pause to think for a moment, you’ll quickly realize that great dentistry has a lot in common with art

Regular dental visits are a necessity, just like your medical checks, but they don’t need to be boring and dull. Bel Canto Dental successfully combines the very highest standards of modern dentistry with stylish and inspiring surroundings.

We can just about guarantee you’ve never experienced anything quite like it! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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