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As a parent, you want to give your child the very best start in life, including growing up with a healthy, confident smile, and that is where Bel Canto can assist you.

We are a family-oriented dental practice. Dr. Mackie’s gentle manner will soon set even a nervous child at ease, and our entire team goes out of their way to ensure visits are as enjoyable as possible for our younger patients. The idea is to create a warm, welcoming environment for your child, somewhere they feel safe and comfortable visiting, and so they grow up seeing dental visits as a normal part of life.

When to Book That First Dental Visit?

We encourage parents to book their child’s first dental visit soon after those first precious teeth poke through the gums. At this stage, it is merely a chance for us to gently examine your child’s mouth to check their oral development is progressing as expected.

When seeing older children for the first time, we explain their visit to them directly, using child-friendly terms. After examining your child’s mouth for the first time, we can discuss a suitable preventive dental care plan.

We encourage parents to book their child’s first dental visit soon after those first precious teeth poke through the gums.

We aim to make sure you and your child have all the information you need to maintain optimal oral health. If you are a first-time parent, we can discuss how to clean your child’s teeth effectively.

When a child is older, Dr. Mackie and his team can work with them directly, showing them how to clean their teeth using fun and enjoyable teaching methods. Also, at Bel Canto Dental, we prefer to take a holistic approach to dental care.

How Holistic Dentistry Could Help Your Child

Holistic dentistry means taking a more proactive approach, considering not just oral health but overall health. The relationship between oral health and general health is extremely important. While a proper oral care routine can help to prevent many common dental problems, including gum disease and tooth decay, it is only one factor we consider. Developing a healthy diet and lifestyle is also essential.

Whenever anyone visits us with poor dental health, we look beyond oral hygiene practices. For example, when treating children, we may ask questions about their lifestyle habits, sleep patterns, and dietary habits. All this information helps us develop preventive treatment plans focusing on a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Fluoride Free Dentistry

Additionally, we prefer to use more natural dentistry methods, for example, using fluoride-free products. Instead of prescribing fluoride to treat cavities, we prefer to look for the cause of tooth decay, as it is a bacterial infection, and several different factors influence its development. Identifying and then reducing or eliminating them can be a far more effective way to reduce the risk of cavities.

When restorative treatment is necessary, we use biomimetic products, meaning they closely mimic structures found in nature, including teeth. The aim is to restore teeth conservatively, using materials that look and function like real teeth. We are an amalgam-free dental practice, so if your child does need a little filling, we can restore the tooth using modern materials, including tooth-coloured composite resin.

Regular preventive dental care from a very young age is an effective way to help ensure your child grows up free from dental anxieties and fears. We treat every child very gently, as if they were family, and aim to ensure every visit to Bel Canto is a positive experience.

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